Case Studies
At Mitakyo ICT Solutions, we have a proud track record of helping South African companies and organisations grow and succeed through leveraging ICT technology.

Whatever challenges your business is facing, we can help you become more productive, better integrated with your suppliers and customers, and more closely connected to additional revenue streams.

The case studies on this page are just a few examples of where we’ve had a positive impact and helped our customers achieve even better results.

National printer rollout in 5 days
A leading nationwide supplier of medical testing facilities identified a need to replace its VDP printer assets so as to comply with new regulations.

After completing a thorough study of the renal dialysis service industry, we were able to recommend a hardware and software solution that would supply consistently high-quality outputs at a manageable cost.

A carefully coordinated logistical plan saw the customer’s VDP printers at 35 locations in all 9 provinces replaced in just 5 working days. Ongoing support was provided throughout and beyond the transition period.

With no discernible service gap, all patients began to receive the new format of test result print-out, and our customer achieved notable savings through using only one kind of printer (simpler spares and cartridge inventory).

“We moved to Mitakyo as our printer service provider and were immediately impressed with their organisation. It took them a week to change out printers at 35 centres nationwide, including remote sites like Upington. The effort was conducted according to a good, practical plan which was well managed. After 3 months, management has been accessible, and the staff are very responsive. All-in-all, it was a good decision to move our business. We now use them for additional IT-related procurement and services.”

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